Rotifer Floss (Filter)

Rotifer Floss is a new innovation for cleaning detritus and ciliates out of rotifer systems. Keeping the water and tank clean from detritus (rotifer waste) is critically important in maintaining healthy, stable cultures - especially in high density systems. Detritus contains high levels of bacteria which are sticky. Rotifer Floss is a loose weave filter that allows water to easily pass through it, but has a high surface area which the detritus sticks to.

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Product Use

Wrap around stand-pipe or hang vertically in culture vessel. To prevent floating, attach a small weight to the bottom edge. Do not lay on bottom of vessel.

Cleaning the Filter

When the floss is full of detritus simply lift the floss out of the rotifer tank, lets it drain for 10 seconds over the tank, then wash it down with a garden or pressure hose or in a sink. The detritus easily falls off the filter under pressure and it can immediately be put back into the rotifer system. It should take less than 1 minute for the entire process.

If you have a small rotifer system (1 to 20 gallons) we recommend stirring the water up and brushing free any waste sticking to the interior walls prior to putting the floss back in. This will lift detritus off the bottom of the tank and back into the water column where the floss will remove it.

In time, the floss will pick up color from the feed but this is not a problem. There is no downside to cleaning the floss more often.

For more information about working with rotifers, see our rotifer support pages.