Thanks Ryan J Fahey of Blackwater Aquaculture for sharing your video of Amphiprion ocellaris clownfish gobbling up Reef Nutrition's TDO Chroma Boost™ – now optimized with 400 ppm astaxanthin to create the reddest reds and whitest white in clownfish.

"Here is a video I made showing Clownfish as they progress and grow. The video starts before the fish go through metamorphosis as they move from eating live rotifers to a granulated food called TDO Chroma Boost (size) A. Then we move to a slightly larger size granule called TDO Chroma Boost B1 as the fish begin to color up. Next is TDO Chroma Boost B2 and then finally the pelleted food called TDO Chroma Boost C1 where you can see happy, healthy, juvenile Clownfish. I hope you enjoy the video!" – Ryan J Fahey, Blackwater Aquaculture


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