Reef Nutrition’s Tigger-Feast™ Now Available Year-Round

Tigger-Feast is a highly concentrated, refrigerated form of Reef Nutrition’s popular live Tigger-Pods® (Tigriopus californicus). Like all of our non-viable concentrates, Tigger-Feast is produced with care to keeping the whole animal intact, so while these Tiggers don’t swim, they still pack the full nutrition of the live pods.

With a particle size of 250–1700 microns, it is an ideal food for hard corals, NPS corals, many other invertebrates and fish including finicky mandarins and pipefish.

“Tigger-Feast was previously only available in November and December,” said Chad Clayton, Reef Nutrition’s Live Food Supervisor. “In response to an increased demand from the hobby community, we are pleased to announce that customers can now purchase this super-food whenever they need it from quality fish stores across the U.S. that carry Reef Nutrition products — or online at the new Reef Nutrition website.

Tigger-Feast is 100% cultured on-premises — not wild-caught — under the care of skilled biologists at Reef Nutrition. No other fish food company in the U.S. is producing this food this way. Animals fed Tigger-Feast get a healthy boost because the copepods are enriched with Reef Nutrition’s Phyto-Feast®, a nutritious, marine microalgae raised on-site using a proprietary, bio- secure process. “Tigger-Feast delivers the same nutritional value as our live Tigger-Pods, but it offers the convenience of refrigerated storage for up to year,” said Clayton. “An additional benefit of the food is that it provides high levels of astaxanthin, which enhances the color of animals,” he added.

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