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International orders can be placed...

Special Orders

Live Rotifers

  • Orders of less than 10 million can usually ship same day if the order is placed by the cut off time
  • Orders of 20 million to 1.5 billion rotifers usually require advance notice. Please contact us to request a quote.

Chlorella DHA/EPA

  • Ships fresh from California on Monday or Friday, depending on the destination. Orders must be placed at least six days in advance.

Customer Support

  • Service First
  • Knowledgeable staff willing to help in any way we can
  • Years of experience growing rotifers in continuous systems
  • Free fatty acid analyticical services available to help you refine your needs and enrichment practices

Refund Policy

Excellent customer service is our priority at Reed Mariculture.

  • If you received the wrong product, contact us and we will immediately send you a replace at no charge.
  • If you have ordered a perishable product and need to return it, please contact us to see if that will be possible.
  • If you have ordered a non-perishable product and need to return it there will be a 5% restocking fee.

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