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Clowns Only Choice

My Snowflake Clownfish pretty much refuse any other food, but will go into a feeding frenzy when I drop these pellets for them. They absolutely love this food and are very happy, healthy, and growing up well!

I love Reef Nutrition products!!

I have used Reef Nutrition products for years with great results. My corals have grown like crazy and are very healthy using R.O.E and Oyster-Feast for feeding.

Great product! Great company! Chad Clayton is the best :-)

I have raised hundreds of Fry thanks to this product. It is a life saver! Thank you Reed Mariculture for making breeding an easier process.

Great packaging

Pods got stuck in shipping for a week at least 90% made it very happy

Great Products

While I typicaly use a competitors products, yours were recomeded by Mitchells saltwater gardens when I purchased some coral. The pods were big and lively, the Phyto Feast was the thickest Phyto I have ever recieved. I will happily be purchasing again when my current supply runs out.

Great product

They replaced my order when fedex took too long to deliver.
New product came in great condition. Rg complete is really great pruduct.

Delivery always quick and reliable

Delivery always quick and reliable, best saltwater fish food around!

Tigger pods


Good product

Love Tigger Pods

We sell a lot of the Tigger-Pods at my store. I will need to be ordering more next week


Increíble producto, satisfecho


Great job

Thank you


Probably the thickest Phyto I have bought so far; a little goes a long way. and the pods came in healthy, in the last few weeks I have already noticed tons of smaller ones on my glass, so they have either hatched out or started breeding in my tank.

RG Complete

Love the product and service is GREAT

Great product to start a rotifer culture

It's an all great kit to start a rotifer culture. Reef Nutrition's team has been extremely responsive to emails and calls. Great people to with.

Great food

Nothing better for a larger size food - Every thing that can will go after this stuff!


Replenish sump happy


I am now going to be a lifelong customer. The quality and quantity of the pods I received far exceeded my expectations. I was shopping with a competitor, but never again :)


I was blown away by the quality. I used to shop with a competitor for similar products, but never again! You got yourself a life long customer!

TDO chroma Boost

Excellent food!!

Brittle starfish feathers dusters

Brittle starfish feathers duster and other invertebrates that likes oyster they crazy with it! Make sure you don’t put a lot in there because it clouds up the tank and it take a week to clear up! either then that they loves it!

Excellent supplyer

Thanks so much