Why Tigger-Pods?

Reef Nutrition Tigger Pods

Because Tigger-Pods swim upwards with a stimulating, jerky motion, they are attractive to a wide range of fish like Mandarin dragonetsSeahorses and Pipefish. Easy to culture, perfect for propagation or restocking refugia. They breed rapidly, producing scores of eggs per female.

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Copepods are relatively easy to care for and maintain. They feed primarily on microalgae and can be fed our phytoplankton-based product blends such as Phyto-Feast.

Copepods can live in your main tank, your refugium, or in a separate dedicated system. In your main tank, they will be eaten and depleted by your fish and corals. In your refugium they will thrive since there are no predators. Pods from your refugium can be periodically harvest and fed to your main tank.

Copepods like to remain inconspicuous, so they will prefer an environment with nooks and crannies. In your main tank they will hide in your live rock and gravel. In your refugium they will hide in your macroalgae and other plants.


You won’t find any higher quality pods. Tigger-Pods are cultured at Reef Nutrition using a proprietary, meticulous, and bio-secure process by the world leader in the development of algae- and zooplankton-based feeds.


Your tank will get a big healthy boost because Tigger-Pods are fed on Reef Nutrition Phyto-Feast®—nutritious marine microalgae raised on site. 


Contrary to what some say, Tigger-Pods will thrive in your warm reef tank. In fact, warmer water revs up their metabolism and reproductive rate. They will do well in cool water too.


Our bottles are the most concentrated on the market, giving your tank more quality Tigger-Pods per dose for your money.


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