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Reef Nutrition's new Apex-Pods (LIVE Apocyclops panamensis) are 100% aquacultured copepods that swim upwards with a stimulating, jerky motion which is attractive to both fish and people.

Perfect for direct feeding, culturing or stocking new tanks and refugiums, they are a great food source for finicky fish and invertebrates, such as mandarins, pipefish, anthias wrasses, SPS, LPS and soft corals, and other filter feeders.

Stage 1 nauplii are approximately 70 micron and adults are approximately 600 to 700 microns.

Apex-Pods™ bottles contain adult Apocyclops panamensis copepods. Please call us if you would like to order nauplii copepods.

Apex-Pods Up Close!

Apex-Pods are great for...

  • Propagation
  • Increasing Bio-Diversity
  • Seeding new tanks and reef refugiums
  • Irresistible to finicky eaters
  • Detritivores, readily consuming organic waste

Apocyclops panamensis female

Apocyclops panamensis nauplius

Use and storage:

DO NOT REFRIGERATE! Pop the cap upon arrival and during acclimation. After acclimation to room temperature, Apex-Pods should be added to the tank or culture vessel within 24 hours of arrival or purchase from a store. Depending on predators and tank size, Apex-Pods may need to be replenished routinely. To help promote a population, it is recommended that you feed phytoplankton to the tank often. Our Phyto-Feast an ideal food for these animals and will also provide nutrition for many other invertebrates in your reef aquarium.

Direct feed to fish and corals:

  • Turn off wavemakers and your recirculating pump(s).
  • Pour the animals in and watch the feeding frenzy.
  • You can even use a target feeding device for this step.

Establish in a display:

  • Turn off the lights, wavemakers and recirculating pump(s).
  • Pour the animals in and wait for 30 minutes.
  • Return the system to normal function.

Establish in a refugium:

  • Pour in the animals and watch them settle in.

Culture in a separate container: